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Natural & Organic Food

The Animal House is dedicated to providing the healthiest foods on the market we can find. We have a high standard in ingredients, sourcing, and manufacturing process. We do not allow foods in our store with artificial or "junk" ingredients, chemicals or cheap fillers that cause health issues down the road. We are deeply passionate about having only foods that will give your pet the proper nutrition to contribute to healthier and hopefully longer life for your pet. We have a wide variety of food catering to price range and and dietary needs. Now we are expanding into small animal, fish and bird products... Continuing our well known standard of quality we hold for dog and cat supplies.

Pet Treats

We are constantly looking for the best and the healthiest treats available on the market. All treats not only have to pass The Animal House standard for ingredients and manufacturing process, but also has to pass the in house quality control team of Buddha, Sadie, Loki and the late Mr. T.

Dehydrated Raw Pet Food

We have one of the largest selections of frozen raw food in Maine, but unfortunately it is only available in store at our Brick and Mortar location. We also have a huge selection of dehydrated raw foods available that provide convenience, cleanliness and portability... Not to mention food that hasn't gone through extrusion process, cooking out essential nutrients that are retained in the dehydrated food. We have four companies that specialize in dehydrated dog food. Sojos, Honest Kitchen, Addiction and Grandma Lucy's. Take the plunge and try it, and watch the difference in you pets start to take place.

Eco Friendly

We initially started our web store to combat the massive amount of cardboard waste. Every distribution delivery we receive comes with a lot of empty boxes after stock the shelves. Our thought was why not give the boxes another round of life before going through the recycling process... Expending time, money and energy on boxes that could still be used. It may seem like a small thing, but imagine shrinking the weight of your waste management recycling by 75% a year. Thats nearly two tons of cardboard!