Azmira Herbal Wormer, 100 capsules

Azmira Herbal Wormer, 100 capsules
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This natural blend is unlike any dry herb on the market today! Used weekly, it helps to promote digestion and assimilation through gentle colon cleansing and detoxification. Use daily, as needed, it helps re-establish proper stool function by reversing constipation or sluggish bowel. Helps eliminate bad breath, gas and bloating. Use seasonally (prevention) or as needed for infestation along with fasting for detoxification. Safe for all pets, including very young ones. We have successfully used this with week-old puppies and kittens that were so infested with roundworms they couldn't pass anything until they had been wormed. This product has also successfully and safely wormed horses, llamas, ferrets, and rabbits.

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